A registration fee, 1st and last month’s tuition (all non-refundable) and a completed registration form are required upon enrolling in a class. You are not officially registered until your registration form is complete and fees are paid.  There is a minimum enrollment of 5 students per class.  Any class with less than 5 students as of October 31st will be canceled, with alternate classes recommended.  Current students are advised to pre-register the week after the annual performance to ensure class placement, tuition discount and waived registration fee. In the event of any information changes, address, phone etc. we should be notified immediately.


Our tuition is based on a 4 week month, regardless of 3 or 5 week months. All classes must be paid for regardless of attendance, including privates. There will be no exceptions. Classes missed due to illness or other emergencies should be made up to ensure the students progress and to keep them up to pace with the other students. As in any physical activity or sport, consistency and frequency in training are vital. Regular attendance is absolutely necessary to receive maximum benefit from classes. Make up classes should be scheduled with the teacher within the following week. Only 2 make up classes will be allowed for perfect attendance. An award is presented at the recital to all students with perfect attendance. Any student arriving 10 or more minutes late missing warm-up may be asked to observe. 30 days notice must be given for all withdrawals.

Dress Code

The following dress code will be enforced in order for the teacher to be able to correct alignment and body placement and to promote the self-discipline required for dance:

  • Hair must be secured tightly away from the face.
  • Baggy shirts or pants (other than hip hop), bare legs or midriffs are NOT ALLOWED!
  • No jewelry or heavy perfume.
  • Warm-ups can be worn during warm-up or stretch only. The instructor has the right to ask for too loose clothing to be removed so proper body alignment can be assessed.
  • Proper Attire:
    • Ballet I-Pointe– Ballet pink tights & shoes with a black leotard. Chiffon ballet skirts are permitted. Hair neatly in a bun.
    • Tap/Jazz, etc.- Any color leotard, tights, knit shorts or dance pants are allowed.

Shoe color is teacher’s choice. All dance wear is available for purchase in our very own shop, Backstage Dance Supplies. All registered families receive a 10% discount.

Studio Rules

  • Absolutely no gum, candy or beverages allowed
  • Sealed water bottles only are allowed in the classroom
  • Students must be on time and ready when class begins with proper attire and hair. Please do not disrupt classes in progress or walk across the dance floor with street shoes
  • As in any classroom, the teacher is to be treated with respect at all times There is no running or hanging on the barres in the studio
  • We expect all students and those waiting to behave in a proper manner enhancing the learning experience

Parent Observation/Info

 It is very important that parents know what is happening at various time throughout the year. Please make an effort to come in and read the bulletin board for any important notices. Parents will be allowed to observe in the classroom during the fall and spring observation weeks only. There should be NO talking in the studio area if observing a class. Parents may observe from the observation windows at any time. 

Class Placement

The director and teachers of DE place students in the level that will challenge the student technically while building and maintaining self-confidence. An appropriate class will be recommended for each student. Please remember that each child is most successful when they progress to a new level at their own pace and not the pace of their friends. 


Cancelled Classes

 If Avon school has been cancelled it does not mean Dance Emporium will be closed for that evening. A message of a studio closing will be left on the studio answering machine (585.226.8610). 

Studio Closings

 Dance Emporium will be closed for all major holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and February break, following the Avon School calendar. We do not follow the Avon school calendar for minor holidays or Superintendent's conference days.  All studio closings will be posted on the season calendar for the year. 


We cannot be responsible for articles left in the dressing rooms or elsewhere. All dance shoes and bags should be clearly marked with the student’s name. Students should not be left unattended before or after classes. Students and those waiting should act in a respectful manner towards teachers, staff, classmates, parents, fellow students and the facility. There will be no running or “rough housing” allowed on the premises.