“The staff at DE is wonderful. Miss Jen has been wonderful to my daughter. The encouragement that is given during class helps her confidence in so many areas. She breaks out in dance whenever she wants (including in the grocery store). The support that the girls give each other in class is incredible. They learn to work as a team and help each other grow, not only in dance but in life as well. Miss Jen cares and loves each child as if they were her own. I don’t think I’d ever take my daughter any where else!”
-Mother of student

“Dance Emporium. Endless possibilities and opportunities. Where life lasting ties are made and where it’s easy to lose yourself in the world of dance. Without Jen’s help, I would not be where I am today.”
-Former student and current instructor

“My daughters have danced at DE for fifteen and twelve years. Rachel completed her senior season this June. Natalie has three more years. Being part of the DE family requires commitment and hard work because Miss Jen sets the bar high. She and the other instructors have helped raise my girls into beautiful, confident young women with a passion and a respect for the art of dance. Having my daughters stay committed to dance at DE has shown them the true meaning of loyalty, friendship and family, all things that are important to us.”
-Mother of 2 students

“What a fantastic performance! Thank you, and also your associates, for all of your hard work and dedication to the art and physical demand of dance.  My daughter LOVES it and is looking forward to next year.”
Mother of student, 5 years

“I must have had at least eight people come up to me and tell me how beautiful and poised my daughter is.  I told them it was ‘thanks to Miss Jen, her dance teacher of nine years.’  Thank you for helping her become the confident young lady she is today! Poised! If that isn’t a result of quality dance training, I don’t know what is!”
Mother of 2 students, 9 years

“The DE recital was one of the nicest ones I have been to in many years and my daughter danced all through school.  My granddaughter danced at another studio last year and what a disappointment that was!  This grandmother will truly look forward to seeing another one of your shows.  Keep up the great work with your great staff!”
-Grandmother, 1st year student

“Our family has been involved with the studio for 17 years! Both of my girls, now age 16 and 20, danced for 10 and 14 years (with a few extra years of solos), respectively. I have danced for a number of years in the adult class and currently work in the office. The studio is top notch. It truly is a family atmosphere and requires teamwork and dedication among the students and staff. I am so glad we chose to be a part of the DE Family!!”
-Mother of 2 students