Siobhan Perez

Siobhan PerezMiss Siobhan has over twenty years of dance experience. Along with teaching dance, she is also a NYS certified elementary school teacher and a Literacy specialist. Miss Siobhan began her teaching experience in San Antonio, Texas where she taught fifth grade at St. Mary’s Elementary School. At St. Mary’s, Miss Siobhan directed and choreographed the school’s dance team. Through the dance team, she worked with students in grades 4-8. Miss Siobhan danced competitively for many years and has also danced for The Rage, Rochester Rhino’s dance team. Miss Siobhan also loves choreographing musicals. She most recently choreographed “How to Eat Like a Child” at School of the Arts.

Miss Siobhan currently teaches fourth grade at the Rochester City School District’s Martin B. Anderson School No. 1. She loves spending time with her husband, Bryan and their two children, Gianna and Christian. Miss Siobhan is very excited for her to be teaching at Avon Dance Emporium.