Dance Classes

Mommy/Daddy & Me:

18 mo.-3 years old (pre-school):  Hop, skip, clap, stretch and bend.  Singing and dancing with Mom, Dad or caregiver.  A dance movement and motor development class working on musicality, rhythm, flexibility and much more.

Creative Movement:

Ages 3-4 (pre-school): Dancing with our crowns, wands, and beanbags, this program is designed to develop the motor skills, creativity and balance in children, increasing their knowledge of body movement and awareness. With movement memory, rhythm training, tumbling, imagination and ballet vocabulary, the student will increase coordination, grace and flexibility with children appropriate music.


Ages 4-6: Classes focus on building ballet technique and terminology to lay the ground work for success in higher level dance classes.  The program is designed to further develop the motor skills, creativity and balance in children, while establishing a sound basis of strength and coordination.

Tumbling Tots:

Ages 3-5 (pre-school): Pre-gymnastics- designed to develop coordination, grace and flexibility for the very young, increasing gross motor skills.


A program concentrating on the importance of rhythm, timing and phrasing based on sound.  It will develop rhythmical coordination which is not found in any other dance form.


A program that incorporates the technical training of classical jazz with other various Jazz styles including the latest moves as seen in Music Videos.  It originates from Ballet but allows the dancer more individual freedom of expression and style.


We believe ballet is the center of all dance.  A program directed towards developing grace, poise and discipline through ballet technique, vocabulary and barre work.   Intermediate/Advanced classes offer a continuation of basic ballet technique including fundamental work on allegro, adagio and pirouettes.  Classes offered for beginner through advanced levels.


For students 12 years old and over: Pre-requisites- Admission into class by instructor permission only.  This class develops the proper alignment and strength in the feet, legs and upper body necessary to execute exercises at the barre and in center.  Student must be enrolled in the advanced ballet class.


Our approach encompasses a wide array of styles that draw from Modern, Jazz and Ballet. It is one of the most popular forms of dance today. Utilizing knowledge of the Humphrey-Weidman technique, this class is designed to strengthen muscles and balance following the suspend and fall concepts. This class will also increase flexibility and muscle control of various parts of the body. It tells a story, and demands expression from the dancer. Enrollment in a ballet class is highly recommended.

Hip-Hop/Street Jazz:

Ages 9 and up:  Be ready to get funky and have fun.  These classes are based on “street” style dance made popular by the Rap and Hip-Hop music scene.

Theatre Jazz/Broadway:

Ages 9 and up:  Welcome to Broadway!  This class works on songs and dances from Broadway musical hits incorporating acting, dancing, singing or lip-syncing.   This is a great class to prepare for the school musical.


Ages 5-8 (level A); ages 9-13 (level B): The perfect blend of acrobatics and jazz dance technique.  Students will learn basic tumbling, flips and leaps which will be incorporated into choreographed combinations.

Dance Team:

The fun-filled combination of cheerleading and dance with different visuals, turns and jumps, with other tricks and/or illusions . The Dance team will also have an emphasis on body placement, style, control, and uniformity.  Each student will be placed according to skill and knowledge.


A program designed for fun while gaining the benefits of strength and toning using Pilates based warm-ups then including Tap, Ballet and Jazz workshops available.

Fitness Classes:

Aerobics with Jackie” offers classes in Cardio-Kickboxing, fitness ball, sculpting, Pilates, and yoga. Certified through AFAA, and  FITTOUR,  among others, Jackie’s exhilarating workouts will increase your strength and flexibility while burning fat!  View the Schedule.

Also, check out Zumba® with Ashley.

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