Competition Team

The purpose of Dance Emporium’s Competition Team is for our dance students to receive additional performance opportunities while gaining strong character, self-confidence and a deeper understanding of the world of dance in a competition and convention setting.  Our competition team is NOT geared towards the gain of trophies and acclaim, it is meant to promote studio spirit and members are expected to be positive role models for our studio.  All team members will be required to work hard as a TEAM and FAMILY in achieving goals, while exhibiting good sportsmanship at rehearsals and performances.

We encourage all of our students at DE to participate in competition as it is an important learning process about expecting the best from themselves and building self-esteem.


  • It is required that all dancers take a minimum of one ballet class every week.
  • All dancers will be allowed a maximum of three absences.
  • If a dancer is injured they are still required to attend class.
  • All dancers are required to attend the benefit (the benefit will be a performance/fundraiser where all competition dances will perform in front of an audience the week before competition season starts).
  • All dancers are required to attend the entire class the week of competition and all rehearsals.
  • If attendance becomes an issue it may result in not being able to compete.


Dancers are expected to maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards all individuals they are competing with.  At no time is any dancer to demonstrate or reciprocate any form of negative behavior.  Set the standard, don’t follow it.  (This applies to all DE family members and friends as well) If a situation occurs immediately inform a Teacher/Director and it will be dealt with.

Basics About Competition Team

When you participate in competition you pay for every dance you bring.  These are approximate costs:

  • Solos: $95
  • Duets/Trios: $45 – $55 per person
  • Groups: $40 per person

We will inform you of competition dates ASAP (usually the first three weekends in May).  It is your responsibility to reserve the entire weekend, as the studio is not notified of the specific performance day and time any earlier than the week prior

*Competitions are mandatory for groups. Optional, but highly recommended for privates.

Competition Team Levels, First Year

There are competitive team levels at Dance Emporium:

  • Petites – Dances a minimum of 2 hours a week and participates in 1 competition
  • Junior – Dances a minimum of 2.5 hours a week and participates in 2 competitions
  • Teen – Dances a minimum of 3 hours a week and participates in 2 competitions
  • Senior – Dances a minimum of 4 hours a week and participates in 2 competitions

All competitive classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  DE has created an unlimited plan special for the competitive teams to help keep your tuition costs down.  The unlimited plan would allow students to take as many classes as they want.  (This does not include private lessons.)

Summer Classes/Workshops

We will not hold a formal audition.  Rather, we highly recommend you participate in our Summer Intensive Workshop (schedule).  In addition, we recommend that you participate in one travel workshop/convention that we will attend as a competition team.  Information regarding workshops will be discussed at the start of the dance season.

Competition Team Fundraising

Dance Emporium’s Competition Team will participate in multiple ongoing fundraisers throughout the year to help alleviate the high costs of competition fees, costume, tuition, etc.  Your family involvement will determine how much you will save, potentially making competition free.

We are overjoyed to expand our competition team.  If you have any questions, please contact us at